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$200 minimum for pick up orders. Delivery & Curbside Pickup Only. Please call or e-mail ahead to place an order.
$200 minimum for pick up orders. Delivery & Curbside Pickup Only. Please call or e-mail ahead to place an order.

Sheds & Gazebos

Sheds and Gazebos Products

We carry a full range of nailers, staplers and fasteners for framing, wood siding, vinyl siding, finish work, gusset plates, and roofing.

Our True Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails 

Most other suppliers of hot dipped nails make their nails from galvanized wire. In that process, the steel of the nail head becomes exposed and must be covered by a separate mechanical process. Furthermore, when the rings or screws are being ground into the nail, the layer of galvanization itself is being cut into, compromising the protection of the nail. 

By contrast, we offer true hot dipped nails in which the nails are made first, specially treated, and then dipped in molten zinc. 

Our environmentally friendly process results in a metallurgical bond between the zinc and the steel and provides superior protection against corrosion. 

Service & Repairs

Service second-to-one

Our highly experienced sales and service fleet allow us to provide prompt on-site & in-house repairs and delivery throughout new England and Mid-Atlantic states. Our award winning service department will repair just about anything that we sell. In 2008, we were awarded “Best Pneumatic Tool Service Department” by Max USA. Please call us with any questions you may have about service or spare parts.

✓ Prompt & reliable repairs & delivery 
✓ Dedicated tag & tote program 
✓ FREE ship-out with pre-printed shipping labels

About us

55+ years of dedication to our customers

We are the area's oldest and largest wholesale supplier of nailing and stapling equipment and accessories. Since 1962, Metropolitan Staple Corp. has provided quality products and extraordinary service to the industrial and construction industries. 

Extensive inventory, excellent service, and highly knowledgeable personnel make Metropolitan Staple the only company to service your business.

We encourage our customers to call our office or email us for sales advice or product information. We have personnel who have many years of experience and can advise you as to the best tool and fastener for your job or particular application.

Phone: 1-800-255-7209


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