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COVID-19 Update: Delivery & Curbside Pickup ONLY. Please call or e-mail ahead to place an order.
COVID-19 Update: Delivery & Curbside Pickup ONLY. Please call or e-mail ahead to place an order.

Fence Manufacturer

The Northeast's Leading Fence Nail Supplier

We’ve got the nails & tools you need plus the great service you deserve.

Whether it’s stainless steel, galvanized, or aluminum - coils nails, decking nails, finish nails or staples, we’ve got what you need. 

We feature true hot dipped galvanized nails made on new state of the art "green" equipment for umcompromised quality.

Also, for the ultimate protection, no one specializes more in stainless steel than we do. 

We got you covered.

Need nailers? No problem. Ask us about our free loaner tools.

Need service? Our on-site service is second to none. 

We guarantee you next day on-site service or next day replacement.

Please call contact us for more information or continue to explore our products. 

Phone: 1-800-255-7209

Tech™ 55M.1 Pro Demonstration

Our True Hot Dipped Galvanized Nails

Most other suppliers of hot dipped nails make their nails from galvanized wire. In that process, the steel of the nail head becomes exposed and must be covered by a separate mechanical process. Furthermore, when the rings or screws are being ground into the nail, the layer of galvanization itself is being cut into, compromising the protection of the nail. 

By contrast, we offer true hot dipped nails in which the nails are made first, specially treated, and then dipped in molten zinc. 

Our environmentally friendly process results in a metallurgical bond between the zinc and the steel and provides superior protection against corrosion. 

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Please call 1-800-255-7209 for more information.

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