NEW Tech PCN-55M.1 Pro Coil Nailer

Image of NEW Tech PCN-55M.1 Pro Coil Nailer
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NEW Tech PCN-55M.1Pro Coil Nailer

The better alternative for pallet recyclers.
More power, less weight & better durability.

Now with improved positive feed system and more durable nose.

Increasingly, pallet recylers are turning to nails 1-3/4” to 2” with smaller diameters .083” to .090”.

After many years of experience working with pallet recyclers, we’ve specifically designed our new Tech PCN-55M.1 Pro to meet their needs to drive these nails with features like a thicker reinforced nose and contact arm, and air flow that is optimized to generate more power with less weight.

Our customers also report that the new PCN-55M holds up better in tough winter weather.

Our tool also weighs about a third to a half a pound lighter than competitive tools.

The result is the ultimate nailer for pallet recyclers.

A real workhouse of a nailer, the Tech PCN55-1 drives .083" to .090" diameter nails from 1" to 2-1/4".

The best tool for recycled pallets. Also ideal for crating, fence building, and many other industrial applications.
Model: PCN55M
Series: BCN
Description: Small wire collated coil nails - flat wound
Fastener Length: 1” - 2-1/4” (25mm-57mm)
Fastener Diameter: .083” - .090” (2.1mm-2.3mm)

The following fasteners are designed for this tool:
Image of NEW Tech PCN-55M.1 Pro Coil Nailer

BCN21/25R-14M .083” 1” Ring Brite
BCN21/32R-14M .083” 1-1/4” Ring Brite
BCN21/32RG-16M .083” 1-1/4” Ring Galvanized
BCN21/32RSS-14M .083” 1-1/4” Ring Stainless steel 304
BCN21/38R-14M .083” 1-1/2” Ring Brite
BCN21/38RG-14M .083” 1-1/2” Ring Galvanized
BCN21/38RG-16M .083” 1-1/2” Ring Galvanized
BCN21/38RSS-14M .083” 1-1/2” Ring Stainless steel 304
BCN21/38RSS-3.6M .083” 1-1/2” Ring Stainless steel 304
BCN21/38RSS-7M .083” 1-1/2” Ring Stainless steel 304
BCN21/45R-14M .083” 1-3/4” Ring Brite
BCN21/45RG-14M .083” 1-3/4” Ring Galvanized
BCN21/45RHDG-14M .083” 1-3/4” Ring Hot Dip Galv
BCN21/45RSS-3.6M .083” 1-3/4” Ring Stainless steel 304
BCN21/50R-14M .083” 2” Ring Brite
BCN21/50RG-14M .083” 2” Ring Galvanized
BCN21/50RHDG-14M .083” 2” Ring Hot Dip Galv
BCN21/50RSS-3.6M .083” 2” Ring Stainless steel 304
BCN22/50S-10.5M .086” 2” Screw Brite
BCN23/45RG-3.6M .090” 1-3/4” Ring Galvanized
BCN23/45RHG-10.5M .090” 1-3/4” Ring Galvanized
BCN23/50RG-9M .090” 2” Ring Galvanized
BCN23/50S-9M .090” 2” Screw Brite
BCN23/57RHDG-9M .090” 2-1/4” Ring Hot Dip Galv
BCN23/57RSS-3.6M .090” 2-1/4” Ring Stainless steel 304