CN25/50S 2” x .099" Screw Coil Nails

Image of CN25/50S 2” x .099" Screw  Coil Nails
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CN25/50S 2” x .099" Screw Shank Coil Nails
Model: CN25/50S-9M
Series: CN
Description: Wire collated coil nails
Length: 2” (50mm)
Diameter: .099” (2.5mm-2.5mm)
Shank: Screw
Finish: Brite
Qty p/ box: 9,000

The following tools accept this fastener:

670S Tech Tech 670S Coil Nailer
790S Tech Tech 790S Framing and Industrial Coil Nailer
Bostitch N80CB Bostitch Bostitch N80CB Framing Coil Nailer
CN55 Max Max CN55 Coil Nailer
CN565D Max Max CN565D Sheathing Coil Nailer
CN665 Max Max CN665 Decking coil nailer
CN890II Max MaxCN890II
Hitachi NV83A2 Hitachi Hitachi NV83A2 Framing coil nailer
NV65AC Hitachi Hitachi NV65AC Wire collated coil nailer
PCN-565D Tech Tech PCN-565D Pro-Coil Nailer