Omer 14.63NS finish nailer

Image of Omer 14.63NS  finish nailer
Drives 16 gauge nails from 1” to 2-1/2” through the hardest woods with virtually no recoil. This technologically advanced tool is lightweight and very rarely breaks down even under the most demanding production environments. It also features a trigger than can be used either as single or as bump fire. There’s really no tool like it!
Model: 14.63NS
Series: T
Description: 16 Gauge brads
Fastener Length: 1-1/4” - 2-1/2” (32mm-64mm)

The following fasteners are designed for this tool:
Image of Omer 14.63NS  finish nailer

T32G-2.5M 1-1/4” Smooth Galvanized
T32SS-2.5M 1-1/4” Smooth Stainless steel 304
T38G-2.5M 1-1/2” Smooth Galvanized
T38SS-2.5M 1-1/2” Smooth Stainless steel 304
T45G-2.5M 1-3/4” Smooth Galvanized
T45SS-2.5M 1-3/4” Smooth Stainless steel 304
T50G-2.5M 2” Smooth Galvanized
T50SS-2.5M 2” Smooth Stainless steel 304
T64G-2.5M 2-1/2” Smooth Galvanized
T64SS-2.5M 2-1/2” Smooth Stainless steel 304